Google mobile websites are totally different from desktop websites. In fact Google has a completely different search engine index of mobile sites.

This is google’s mobile search engine for mobile device users which is different from the main search engine.

The only way to get indexed in Google’s mobile search engine is to have the proper code, settings and functionality.

Google has stated that it will ignore any website that does not have mobile compatible code in their mobile search engine.

Google’s thinking…

Google MobileAny mobile users are inclined to take immediate, “real-world” action and are more likely to do so than their PC counterparts.

According to Google’s Surojit Chatterjee, “Mobile users are more prone to take immediate action. People searching on mobile have a higher intent. The time between intent and action has been narrowed.”

… And google is all about the visitor experience!

Right now google is including most results from their main search engine in the mobile results but as mobile technology evolves they will start to only index mobile compatible sites in their mobile search engine. (you can find more information on the google webmaster blogs).

To have a mobile compatible site it must be written in proper markup language (web code) that Google understands so they can index your mobile website in their mobile search engine and visitors can find you.

And this is what we do – we create a mobile compatible websites that google can understand.